Who Are We?

Hello All! I started this blog website as a way to put fellow Americans in Scotland in touch with job opportunities and training and education needed to qualify them for professional or skilled work in the UK that they are qualified for back home in the USA.

We started with a secret facebook group and most of the jobs and workers were in Glasgow but now we’ve moved wider afield and cover Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

We are hoping to get people to move over to here from linked in.

We had some great success over the last 3 years finding jobs for over 340 people!

As you will know if you have been guided here from our university and college network we concentrate on working with USA workers with residency in the UK or who will apply for residency when they arrive. The workers can be student graduates or college graduates who have done or who are looking for courses in the UK to update their USA qualifications in line with the equivalent UK qualifications.

From tree surgeons to electricians and gas engineers all the way through to computer programmers, nurses and doctors we can work with nearly any type of qualification.

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For your own research of UK university qualifications you can look here: https://www.ucas.com/

Some interesting information on costs of studying in the UK: https://www.studying-in-uk.org/costs-of-attending-college-in-the-uk/

Some interesting information for college courses in Aberdeen: https://nescol.ac.uk/employer-links

For looking for information about studying in the UK: https://www.ucas.com/undergraduate/applying-university/ucas-undergraduate-international-and-eu-students

Tips for international applications: UCAS Tips

A useful video for USA students applying to UK universities: Video Link


If there is anything specific you are looking for that Google can’t help with feel free to get in touch on the Contact Form and we will see if we can help point you in the right direction. Remember the only stupid question is the one not asked!

We are a very friendly helpful group and once you have touched base we will link with you on Linked in and join you to our secret Facebook Group.